Experience the Comfort of a Dual Fuel System.

Dual FuelYou want to keep your home comfortable without paying a fortune on utility bills, which is why you bought high efficiency HVAC products. What you might not have known is that certain products are not only energy efficient when operating themselves, but they can be combined to offer even greater efficiency to your family. At True Temp Heating & Air Inc in Chatsworth, we offer furnaces that work with heat pumps to create a dual fuel system.

Combining a gas furnace with an electric heat pump gives you the ability to use two different fuel types: gas and electricity. Once the temperature becomes too cold for your heat pump to run efficiently (usually around 32 degrees Fahrenheit), the furnace provides the rest of the power you need to stay comfy. That means you’re only using gas fuel when it’s needed. Dual fuel systems switch between the two types of heat, which optimizes energy uses and lowers heating costs. That’s a solution we like to see.

Browse our gas furnace and heat pump offerings to learn more about the systems individually. Give True Temp Heating & Air Inc a buzz at 706-695-7492 or set up an appointment to discuss adding dual fuel capabilities. We’re in Chatsworth – just down the road and available to help.